A turning point in your training, in your life. If you want to shoot your performance to infinity, you have to try the sand. Think about it, it's addictive: the contact with the sand, the sea breeze on the face, the sun. After trying it, nothing will be the same.

Beach Functional Training is the training taken to the next level in which the sand and the environment will allow you to get the most out of yourself. Enjoy a complete training that will help you define your figure, improving your flexibility and coordination.

Functional sand exercise makes your muscles work 30% more and has a 90% less chance of injury than other firm workouts, while getting results faster.

To train, you just need to bring all your desire, we take care of the isotonic drink so that at all times you are full of energy.

Suitable for all audiences!

Do not run out of space. Nothing will ever be the same again, see you in the sand!

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